First launched In 2008. the Asia Young Designers Awards (AYDA) is part of Nippon Paint’s vision to nurture the next generation of Architectural and Interior Design talents. It serves as a platform to inspire students of these disciplines to develop their skills through cross-learning opportunities and networking with key industry players, as well as their fellow peers in the region.

Since the, AYDA has grown in terms of reach and stature, and has now established itself as one of Asia's premier design awards, having received more than 15,000 entries from over 1,200 tertiary education Institutions to date, across 16 different geographical locations In Asia.

Over the years. AYDA has imparted thousands of young and talented student designers, presenting them with various opportunities to engage with renowned speakers and key figures in the design Industry. The platform has enabled the partielpenls to gain first-hand industry knowledge, personalised coaching, mentoring and skIlls-building through various workshops by experienced lecturers and industry professionals. On top of that, this experience allowed participants to learn from their fellow peers from within and across borders.

Every year, AYDA presence yet another opportunity for young design talents to push their design boundaries further beyond the norm. Through the various experiential learnings and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as the winner going an all-expenses paid 6-week placement at Design Discovery Program at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design (Harvard GSD), AYDA has established a close-knit design community. It comprises professional architects, interior designers, industry associations, partners, design schools, alumni and design students.

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